Our Focus Areas

What We Focus On

Prevent witchcraft accusations

Whenever witchcraft is suspected, an older person is automatically the prime suspect..

Fight against discrimination

Older persons are regarded as not so useful in society and are left out of discourse..

Advocate for age friendly health services

Older persons often do not have access to appropriate treatments due the prohibitive..

Advocate for universal pension

To advocate for universal pension for all older persons in Malawi.

Lobby for mainstreaming of ageing

To lobby for mainstreaming of ageing in all national development initiatives

Champions of ageing

To be the champion on ageing in Malawi, through partnerships and networking

Educate human rights

To enable older people in Malawi to claim and realize their human rights

Facilitate evidence-based advocacy

To facilitate evidence-based advocacy to promote ageing and human rights in Malawi.

Recognise the elderly

To facilitate the building and coordination of a collation of ageing champions in Malawi

Human rights

To advocate for the rights of older persons in Africa at both regional and continental..

Help the elderly

To facilitate capacity strengthening of network members

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Share Knowledge

To facilitate exchange of information, research and evidence on ageing


To facilitate resource mobilization in order to ensure long term sustainability

Share Knowledge

To be a knowledge broker providing accurate data and evidence on ageing to assist..

Fight for rights

To ensure members meet and comply with certain quality and standards on ageing

Help older people

o ensure that that older people in general do not continuously find themselves in..

Be part of helping the elderly with MANEPO

"Promoting the rights of older persons"

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Our Key Focus Areas

Income Security

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Health & Care

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Abuse & Discrimination

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