Violence and abuse

The abuse of older persons remains a taboo in Malawi. It often happens inconspicuously and in many cases goes unnoticed. However, evidence shows that it occurs frequently and in all types of settings in our communities. No community can claim to be immune from any of such forms of abuse/discrimination. Elder abuse takes many different forms. Many older persons suffer discrimination in the public sphere,

Health & Care

According to a study by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the overwhelming burden of diseases in older men and women in developing countries is now from Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes, hypertension, and cancer and long-term issues related to reproductive health in women. The health and care needs of people change as they age and should be addressed across the life course.

Income & Security

As mentioned above, Malawi ranks one of the poorest countries in the world and inequality is also very high. Therefore it is not surprising that poverty among older men and women is high. This is largely due to: lack of appropriate, secure, predictable and regular income; increase in perennial disasters like floods in some districts, breakdown of the family support systems and/or absence of a universal pension.


Older men and women are experiencing ageism – stereotyping, unfair treatment and discrimination based on a person’s age. This can impact a person’s confidence, job prospects, financial situation and quality of life. Older people are regarded as not being useful members of society and are left out of dialogue which directly affects them. The negative attitudes and behavior against older persons make.

MANEPO "Promoting the rights of older persons"

A society in which the rights of older men and women are protected and promoted in order for them to lead dignified, quality, active and secure lives

MANEPO'S four strategic objectives

  • Older men and women have stable and predictable income
  • Older men and women can access appropriate health services
  • Older men and women live in a safe environment
  • Older men and women have strengthened voice
elderly testimonial
Here we have some testimonials

The story of Catherine Robert She is 73 years old and lives with 8 grandchildren and all are in school. ..Robert is a member of the Older Persons Association which she joined last year, 2020...Also, a recipient of social cash transfer and apart from buying food at home, she invested in buying 2 ducks and now they are 5. ..Robert has also built a house where she is living in now. ..Part of the money was used to pay people helping the elderly woman at her garden. ..“The meetings we have as elderly people help us to encourage each other and also know how to deal with some of the challenges we are facings in our homes through the experiences shared by others. I had to build a house and also bought ducks in order to have something tangible using the money I was given”.

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Catherine Robert Eldery

The story of Cerdrick Mwinda 73-year-old Cerdrick Mwinda, was a chairperson of the previous Older Persons Association. Currently he is just a member. When there was no any Older Persons Associations in these communities, elderly people were never given a chance to buy fertilizer at a subsidized price. But through the training of MANEPO on our rights, Older Persons Association members were the first to be given a chance to buy fertilizer. Mwinda managed to harvest 3 bags and if it wasn’t for pests, he would have had more bags. .“Having an Older Persons Association in our communities is a blessing for me and as a member at that time I gained an opportunity which I have never had in all these years. For us fertilizer is very important because of farming and I cannot manage to buy the commodity at the normal price.”.

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Cerdrick Mwinda Elderly

The story of Ellen Imani She lives with her daughter. ..Limani was a member of the Older Persons Association and also a beneficiary of social cash transfer. ..Knowing their rights helped their Older Persons Association to negotiate with the chief so that elderly people be the first to be helped during the social cash transfer exercise. ..With that money Limani has managed to build her own house, and bought a bed as well as a mattress. ..She also bought 3 goats which have since increased to 5. Limani believes the goats will sustain her when she is no longer receiving the money. The elderly woman will sell some to buy food and also pay the laborers working at her garden. ..She managed to harvest 12 bags and sold some so that she could buy some domestic necessities. . .“I had to use the knowledge I got from our usual meetings at the Older Person Association on how to use this money. I didn’t want to spend the money I was receiving anyhow like what other people were doing. Because I know I do not have anyone to help me, I had to build the house and buy these animals which will sustain me when I am longer receiving the money.”..

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Ellen Imani Elderly