NCDs, COVID-19, HIV/AIDS and Geriatric Diseases In Malawi: Building Inclusive and Comprehensive Health Care Structures for Older People

MANEPO through HelpAge Germany with funding from Germany Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is implementing a 4 years project (01 May, 2023 – 31 December, 2026) in 3 districts; Balaka (in Mbera, Namanolo and Ulongwe health centers), Machinga (In Machinga, Ntaja and Nsanama health centers) and Zomba (In Domasi, Makwapala and Naisi health centers).

The Project’s goal is to ensure older men and women, especially those living with NCDs and HIV/AIDS, in Zomba, Balaka and Machinga districts are accessing age-appropriate and integrated health services by:

  • Increasing the capacity of healthcare workers and HBCs to support older men and women with NCDs, HIV, and geriatric diseases
  • Ensuring provision of formal and informal appropriate age-friendly health services among older men and women with disabilities, NCDs and HIV
  • Increasing awareness and knowledge of community members on the vulnerabilities of older people to NCDs, COVID-19 infections and HIV discrimination based on age, gender and disability.
  • Improving age-friendliness of national programs, responses and policies on NCDs, COVID-19 and HIV for older men and women.
lack of geriatric specialists in various hospitals in the country is one of the factors that is contributing to poor health service delivery of the elderly in these health establishments

The organization’s country director Andrew Kavala has said this is why his institution is working hand in hand with the Malawi government to ensure that more health personnel are trained in geriatrics. Kavala made the sentiments on Tuesday at Bisa Ground in the area of Traditional Authority Nkula in Machinga during the launch of a 4-year project aimed at strengthening government systems and building capacity for government health workers so that the elderly are able to seek appropriate health services.

He said a number of deaths among the elderly in the country are due to chronic ailments, hence, the launch of the project to reduce such deaths among them. Director of health and social services for Machinga, Dr. Jones Chise, applauded MANEPO for the project which he said will greatly improve the welfare of the elderly in the district. He promised to make sure that older persons are not queuing in health facilities as a means of providing a conducive environment for the elderly to access healthcare services.

MANEPO with funding from the German government (BMZ) is implementing the project worth €325 149 in the three districts namely; Machinga, Balaka and Zomba. The project’s goal is to ensure that older persons especially those living with chronic diseases and HIV and AIDS access age-appropriate and integrated health services.

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