Manepo Donates BP Testing machines, drugs to elderly people.

The Malawi Network of Older Persons Organisation (MANEPO) has handed over Blood Pressure (BP) testing equipment and medical supplies worth K11.7 million to older persons through volunteers within the catchment areas of Domasi, Makwapala, and Naisi Health Centers in Zomba.

The donation is intended to assist in providing first aid to older persons before they seek further medical attention at health facilities. Many older persons face physical challenges that prevent them from accessing hospitals promptly, hence the importance of providing them with first aid. It is hoped that this initiative will enable older persons to receive home-based care before seeking additional medical attention at health centers.

Health volunteers are advised to provide care to individuals aged 50 and above in their homes, recognizing that many older persons struggle with mobility. Bebrey Mtomwa, one of the volunteers, expressed that the equipment will significantly improve their ability to provide proper care to older persons.

He emphasized that the volunteers will collaborate closely with Health Surveillance Assistants to ensure the provision of adequate care to older persons. Aubrey Zidana, a medical professional at Domasi Rural Hospital, praised MANEPO for donating the necessary equipment at the right time and to the right people.

Zidana also noted that physical limitations due to old age often deter older people from accessing health facilities. He disclosed that the facility provided treatment to 31,293 individuals from 66 villages.

In August 2023, a three-year project targeting older persons was introduced. The project, which is being implemented in Machinga, Zomba, and Balaka districts, is funded by BMZ of Germany to the tune of K500 million.