About Us
MANEPO is a non-profit national organization which aims at making a measurable contribution towards transforming the lives of older men and women in Malawi so that they can lead dignified, secure, active and health lives. Established in 2010, we work across the country through our network members, assist older men and women to have improved wellbeing and be treated with dignity.
Our Vision
A society in which the rights of older men and women are protected and promoted to improve their quality of life.
Mission Statement
To promote coordination, knowledge sharing, and inclusion of older men and women in programmes and policies in order to reduce poverty, abuse, and discrimination.
We advocate for a Malawian society where every older man and woman, everywhere in the country, can say: "I have the income I need" "I enjoy the best possible health and quality of life" "I am safe and secure, free from discrimination and abuse" "My voice is heard"
MANEPO Values life
Every person on this earth has been specially created by God. No amount of money or power is more valuable than a human life. We believe in the dignity, uniqueness, and intrinsic worth of every older person
We are inclusive
MANEPO strives to work above and beyond the traditional boundaries of structure and culture. We also believe in partnership. We believe we cannot change the landscape for the elderly on our won.
We strive for significant and lasting impact
MANEPO believes in making policy changes that are sustainable
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