Inclusive eye care project reaches out to over 1000 patients with surgeries

An Inclusive Eye Care Project which we are implementing with financial support from Christian Blind Mission (CBM), a United Kingdom-based organization has managed to reach out to over 1000 visually impaired patients with surgeries to restore their sight in the country.

The Project Officer from Nkhoma Mission Hospital Frank Maliko says that the project is providing life-transforming services to communities in its target districts.

According to Maliko, people are gaining back their sights after the treatment surgeries under the Inclusive Eye Care Project which started this year.

Since the project started, we have managed to make about 1192 surgeries. We are optimistic that the project will benefit a lot of people in the three years it will be implemented," said Maliko.

In her words, Inclusive Eye Care Project Manager Linda Matita said the project is also making communities aware of eye healthcare, a condition that has been neglected for so long in the country.

We are trying much on this condition, and people are supposed to know about what is going on in the eye department and how best we can work together," said Matita.

However, National Eye Care Coordinator in the Ministry of Health Michael Peter Masika said the government is training many doctors about cataracts despite challenges like human resources and lack of enough funds.

"As a country, we are doing well, and one thing is that the government is developing Kamuzu Central Hospital to be a center of excellence," Masika said.

The Inclusive Eye Care Project is being implemented in nine districts in the Central region and one district in the Northern region.

In September 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that Malawi has become the first country in southern Africa to eliminate trachoma, a tropical disease that causes irreversible blindness.

Linda Matita

Linda Matita - Project Manager