Supporting Older People Affected with Cyclone Freddy
Tropical Cyclone Freddy (TCF) affected livelihoods of Malawians including older people, as of 25th March, 564,239 people had been displaced and 577 camps had been set in various districts.  MANEPO’s visit to some affected areas showed that older people are not being prioritized in humanitarian response. MANEPO has received funding from Global Emergency Fund (GEF) to support 1,000 older persons’ families affected by Tropical Cyclone Freddy in Blantyre and Mulanje. The goal of the project is to address older persons’ needs through increasing access to food and non-food items.   On 26 April 2023, we distributed Food and Non-Food items to five hundred older people in Mulanje, the items are; Maize Flour (10 Kg), Beans (2 Kgs), Cooking Oil (1 litre), Sugar (1 Kg), Salt (0.5 Kg), Blankets (1), Cups and Plastic Plates  

One thought on “Supporting Older People Affected with Cyclone Freddy

  1. Congratulations to MANEPO for the timely response, Our Senior Citizens are covered and they always see God for your Support and sympathy.

    Long live Almighty MANEPO;

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